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I began using Iridology during my internship with an Iridologist in 1995. Iridology seeks to understand more about the working of the body by examining changes in the colour and fibres if the iris of the eyes. While this is a very alternative science, I have found it to be very useful. It is not my only form of examination but I use it regularly to help refine my diagnosis and treatment.

Adrenal Fatigue

Over the years I have found that tiredness is one of the most common presenting complaints of all people who have visited me. I have had to spend a lot of time and effort understanding the body’s energy pathways and mechanisms and what makes them work or go wrong. Chronic stress and ‘tired’ adrenal glands is one of the main issues that plagues our modern age! But the good news is that it can be treated.

Metabolic syndrome and weight loss

Another of my interests is the metabolism, or metabolic rate. I have long wondered what makes one persons metabolism ‘faster’ than another’s. Why some people struggle to loose weight and often tend to be tired. This actually lead me to go back to university to study further in the field of exercise science! What I learned was that the metabolism is actually controlled by a number of factors, many of which could lead to weight problems. And many of which can also be ‘unstuck’ to encourage weight loss.

Children’s health

As I have two children of my own I have a soft spot for treating children. In fact a large percentage of my patients are children. As I have journeyed with these patients and with my own children I have learned a lot about how to help these young people, be they toddlers, children or teenagers.

Functional medicine

I feel that functional medicine is the more modern spin off of naturopathy. I have a long-standing interested in naturopathy, but like the fact that functional medicine uses the latest in modern scientific and medical research as its foundation. It is the best blend of modern medicine and natural medicine. I use this approach to try and understand most of my chronic cases.

Food allergies / intolerance (leaky gut syndrome)

As gut health is a key element of functional medicine, and as I have learned that many of the ‘illnesses’ I treat are linked to digestive problems, I have developed a good understanding of treating food intolerances.  It is possible to diagnose food allergies and intolerances using special blood tests and put together a treatment plan and diet that will allow the gut to heal.

Genetics testing

I have started doing more genetics testing in the past few years. I feel that this is the direction that preventative medicine will be moving in the future. While it is true that we cannot change our genes, it is also true that we can actually influence whether they are turned on or off by how we live and eat. If so why not know what our particular risks are, so that we can plan to live in such a way to try and avoid the diseases we could possibly develop. There are a number of good, comprehensive gene panels available to understand what a persons risk areas are.

Hair analysis

I have been doing hair analysis (tissue mineral analysis) for many years. This is a useful test to examine whether there are heavy metals in a persons body. A sample of hair is sent to a laboratory in America and examined for minerals and heavy metals. The test shows the levels of minerals and toxic metals that were in the tissues when the hair grew. I have found this test to be useful in cases like auto-immune disorders and even children with ADHD or Autism.


Biopuncture is a system of homeopathic medicines administered in the form of injections. There are a range of different medicines that can be used as subcutaneous or intramuscular injections to stimulate healing. I have trained in this form of therapy and find it to be particularly useful for injuries. For sports injuries it is good to know that they contain no banned substances.

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