I was raised on natural and homeopathic medicine, and as my father was a horticulturalist, he also started my interest in plants and herbs.  After matriculating, I decided to study homeopathy instead of orthodox medicine to follow this love of natural medicine. I graduated in 1996 after spending a year working with a prominent homeopath, naturopath and Iridologist. This internship began my career-long interest in iridology – the science of studying how changes in the iris of the eyes reflects on what is happening in the body.


I started by own private practice in 1996 in Pinetown, where I continued to develop my interest and knowledge of natural and functional medicine. Functional medicine encourages practitioners to investigate and understand how the function of the body can be disturbed, and by doing this learn how the disease or symptoms came about.  Once the underlying imbalances are found a treatment plan can be formulated, to start that person back on the path towards health.


Soon after starting in private practice, I took up a part time position at the Durban University of Technology, where I worked as a supervisor in the Homeopathic Clinic, overseeing the final year students in their treatment of patients.


In order to aid me in my understanding of metabolic problems and to more effectively guide people on a path to wellness, I went back to university in 2010. I studied exercise and sport physiology and in 2012, I was awarded a Masters of Medical Science (Sports Medicine) summa cum laude.

In 2011 I moved my practice to Westville to work in a more peaceful  environment which I strongly believe promotes a better sense of well-being than working amongst the bustle of a busy Pinetown shopping centre.


As I am trained in both classical and clinical homeopathy I can use either style, but tend to fit the treatment to the problem at hand.  As I have always been interested in naturopathy and functional medicine, these schools of medicine also influence my thinking. I believe that diet and nutrition are the foundations of health, and that gut or digestive health is also extremely important.

During the first appointment, I go through the main concerns in detail. I like to investigate diet and digestive health, hormonal health, energy systems and sleep patterns, as well as nervous system and brain health. I do a physical exam and an iris (eye) exam to get more information, and sometimes may even order blood tests or other examinations. Once all of this information is gathered, I make an assessment as to the cause of the symptoms or disorder and then put together a treatment plan. This plan may include homeopathic medicine, dietary or nutritional advice and supplements. Homeopathy is not always a quick fix, but it is very rewarding to see the how the body is able to regain control and heal itself. My ultimate goal is to strengthen people’s bodies, and motivate and empower them with knowledge – thus allowing them to manage their own health going forward.

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